A Hard Day’s Rant.

Gruff has taken it upon himself today to protest at every opportunity if something doesn’t go his way.

We’ve had screaming all the way to school this morning, (to drop his sisters off) and screaming all the way back again.

Screaming at the choice of dinner and screaming at the choice of pants to wear.

I’m hoping he’s worn his vocal chords out a little so tomorrow is a bit quieter.


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  1. Do you think he is missing Evie being at home now love, so he is looking for more attention from you as he doesn’t have hers? I hope he settles for you as I am sure it must be difficult adjusting for you both at present xxx


  2. Poor Gruff, poor you. It passes – may it be soon.


  3. Shannon @myspaciousplace

    poor you! praying this day is better for both of you!


  4. Oooof! Same here, how can something so small make so much noise and cause so much fuss?
    Am starting to think gobstoppers, or really chewy toffees might result in peace?
    Desperate times desperate measures and all that!


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