Opposites attract.

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  1. What a lovely picture!

    I just want you to know how much I look forward to your delightful drawings arriving every night. They are a joy……thank you!


  2. That’s attraction?! Hm. He reminds me of some friends’ old dog, a lurcher, always very serious when not terrified. 😉


    • Bonnie definitely has lurcher in her (she’s like a rocket when there’s a squirrel/something furry around), this little yapper wouldn’t leave her alone, she is very well behaved for most of the time but I don’t think it would have gone on for much longer.


  3. I really hope you are thinking of doing a little book with all of these… wonderful glimpses, you share with us! Really, you need to! You could do an ebook…. a calendar, post-its…. checks….
    Thanks for sharing:)


  4. That is my Baxter and Chase…. Chase is always provoking play fights 😉


  5. Great drawing! Small dogs always have to prove how big they aren’t. Large dogs are so tolerant! (And good with small children)


  6. This is spookily similar to Nellie’s close encounter with a Great Dane a few weekends ago on Sherkin Island! Unfortunately, it was not so playful as Nellie ended up with six stitches. (The jury is still out as to who started the fight) Still, this picture made me laugh as it all started out quite friendly really and Nellie is now on the mend!!


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