Mr. Postman.

I’ve been busy drawing and I could hear Gruff’s busy little feet going to and fro behind me.
That’s nice, (I think to myself), he’s playing very well by himself today.
Intermittently, I hear the clunk of the letterbox and it slowly dawns on me what the little rascal is up to…

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  1. Hmm, similar thing happened to me yesterday. My little one posted all the mail back outside again. I *think* it was all junk mail.


  2. Wait! Whoa yes wait a minute Mr Postman…


  3. Yup my boy does the same inhave te postie deliver my mail and his toys!!


  4. Please Mr. Postman…reminds me of the old Beatles/Marvelettes song.


  5. In our house, the little ones put toothpaste on the cat. Not sure why, but the cat didn’t mind.


  6. Whatever did you find outside the door?


  7. hahaha brilliant…… I love that look on his face


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