The fox didn’t want to leave much else. Too upset to blog tonight.


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  1. Oh, so sorry for you all!

  2. Oh sorry for you 😦 btw I want to ask about what would be the best thing to blog about ??

  3. I’m so sorry. We have a farm in Oregon, and keeping the animals safe from predators is hard sometimes. I loved the “sinking feeling” doodle and sent the llnk to one of my chicken-owning friends who loved it too. Tomorrow will be a better day.

  4. I’m so sorry about your birds. Keeping them safe from predators is so hard and you feel so badly when the predators win. I love your “sinking feeling” doodle and sent it to one of my chicken-owning friends and she loved it too. Tomorrow will be a better day. (Hugs) from a little farm in Oregon —

  5. I can’t exactly like this – it’s too awful. Poor you, poor hens.

  6. So sad, all I can say it that sucks…. Love your drawings

  7. The drawing says it all, what a horrible experience.

  8. That picture, is pretty much my earliest childhood memory. If its any comfort it didn’t scar me for life, although I remember my parents had a similar reaction to you. Sorry for your loss.

  9. I’m grieving for you all. Couldn’t press like for this one.

  10. Och poor you. Nature’s cruel, and auld Tod cannae help it…

  11. I was so sorry about the fox …sending you love x

  12. Oh no, what sad news. Poor chucks.

  13. My sympathies to all. What a sad day. 😦

  14. awwww Im sorry xx

  15. Oh, no!!! I’m SO sorry. We raise chickens as well, and it is the most awful feeling when you realize a predator is there or has been! I’m sorry. Poor babies!

  16. Poor chooks 😦

  17. Thank you all for you very kind comments, we lost Gizmo and another lady last night. He had died defending his patch as three have survived the night and are looking better today. Myles had made the gruesome discovery while I was halfway through a post and I had to go outside and help clean up the aftermath.

  18. So sorry about your chicken! We have a bunch of chickens here in Texas and it is a never-ending chore keeping the varmints out – foxes, coyotes, dogs, skunks, and even a mountain lion every now and then. It is such a bummer when you go out and see that your girls and boys have had a life and death struggle over the night and you have lost some (or all in one case here when some roaming dogs got into the pen). Hugs and lots of sympathy to you and your sweet family.

  19. Thank you, it’s much appreciated. x

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