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Two vampires and super pumpkin boy.

Add a tonne of sweets, an afternoon of spooky cookie icing and face painting and we have some very happy children.
I’m itching to brush their teeth though….

Dress rehearsal.

You can’t escape Halloween in our house. Today my lot had a dress rehearsal for the big spooky day tomorrow.
It hasn’t gone well, Gruff doesn’t want to be Batman/ a Cyberman / Spiderman, all very good Halloween options you might think but no, these are all no good.
And what, you may ask, does he want to be?
Gruff wants to be a ….
Yes a pumpkin. I have spent all day trying to convince my stubborn two year old that the above options are way cooler but the orange round vegetable option wins out each time.
Ah well, I have orange paint…


I fear by time Evie has grown up, I may be long buried under a mountain of them…

Cash machine.

Fraud prevention provided by Bonnie’s paw!


…dancing to some music on the radio.
They didn’t need a reason, they just felt like it.


The future is glowing! Bonnie has a new glow in the dark ball.
Nothing like the sight if a glowing ball happily making it’s way back to its owner in the pitch black!

Now wash your hands.

Peg it.

A brilliant way to learn your colours and to peg your mum too…

All the leaves are brown.


I’ve had a day of defiance.
From a nine year old who was getting Pokemon withdrawal symptoms because her television had been turned off…(yes, apparently it’s her television), to a dog who decided lattes were more preferable than returning back to her screeching owner.
Is Monday over yet?


For most of the day, apart from the odd prowl up the garden.

Where’s Wo wo?

It’s bedtime and we’re missing someone, someone very important.
He may be scruffy, a little worn around the ears but he really can’t get to sleep without him.
Have you seen him?

Smuggler’s cove.

What lurks in the deep, dark cave?
Or maybe, Pirates?

Where did you get that hat?

Make one for me!

Feathery cuddles.


I can’t hear you Gruff, what do you want for breakfast?

My compliments to the chef.

Evie loves my packed lunches for school…

Birthday wishes…

…do not include a real life, ring-tailed lemur, (although if I may say so, they are very, very fluffy and very, very cute).
I don’t think it would stand still enough for me to wrap it and my wrapping is pretty lousy at the best of times.
A trip to the animal park can be arranged, however, complete with a replica T-rex and cake.
Endangered species excluded, have a lovely fifth birthday my little dinosauraholic.

The patter of tiny feet…

…on the landing, for the fifth time tonight. Go back to bed Gruff!

A new start.

There was no easy decision in this situation but my girls’ happiness and wellbeing was and always will be my priority.
The girls said goodbye to their old school yesterday.
They started their new school today and came back with stories and smiles.

Thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your well wishes and comments!
I had no idea how many of you would respond with so many comments and stories of your own to share too, it has really meant so much.
Millie is ok, I shall be posting again about it on Friday and I will tell you what I have done to resolve the situation for her and us as a family.

Hugs from all of us, Angie x

Floating in space.

Did you realise that a cardboard box, foil and glue makes the best astronaut’s suit?
Draw on a few buttons and you’re ready for your first space walk.
Just watch out for that sleeping astro-dog…

A Letter to my daughter.

Dear Millie,
Over the last few years your life at school has been far from happy.
Slowly, the happy girl I knew faded away and we were left with a shadow.
Sometimes I would see glimpses of the real you but you would return to school and the clouds would gather again.
I am so sorry I didn’t act sooner.
I am so sorry I couldn’t protect you..
I am so sorry I underestimated how bad you felt.
I love you.
From your Mam.


Bonnie is fast, stupidly fast. She’s obviously a crossbreed, a large gangly, bony crossbreed that runs fast and eats loads.
A pig-dog perhaps?

Our New recruits.

Meet our new girls, names may change around as no one can agree on who has which name at present!

Book worms.

Evie has just brought home her first ever learn to read book.


The dog did it…


Look at yourselves, only one of you is laying eggs, one of you!
Shameful! I tell you! Shameful! That’s what it is!
Well you’d better sharpen up and pull your feathers up because next week I’m bringing in new recruits…

Little Fish.

She’s still hoping Rebecca Adlington is going to take over from me with her swimming lessons.
Dream on little fish.

Rain Faces.

Your average rain face would look like something of a grimace with tiny squinty eyes so not much rain could get in.
It would not be a happy bunny face.
It would be a very unhappy bunny face.
A very wet, unhappy bunny face with a grimace and tiny, squinty eyes.


Wibbly wobbly jelly, just like Mummy’s belly…

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