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Two vampires and super pumpkin boy.

Add a tonne of sweets, an afternoon of spooky cookie icing and face painting and we have some very happy children.
I’m itching to brush their teeth though….

Dress rehearsal.

You can’t escape Halloween in our house. Today my lot had a dress rehearsal for the big spooky day tomorrow.
It hasn’t gone well, Gruff doesn’t want to be Batman/ a Cyberman / Spiderman, all very good Halloween options you might think but no, these are all no good.
And what, you may ask, does he want to be?
Gruff wants to be a ….
Yes a pumpkin. I have spent all day trying to convince my stubborn two year old that the above options are way cooler but the orange round vegetable option wins out each time.
Ah well, I have orange paint…


I fear by time Evie has grown up, I may be long buried under a mountain of them…

Cash machine.

Fraud prevention provided by Bonnie’s paw!


…dancing to some music on the radio.
They didn’t need a reason, they just felt like it.


The future is glowing! Bonnie has a new glow in the dark ball.
Nothing like the sight if a glowing ball happily making it’s way back to its owner in the pitch black!

Now wash your hands.

Peg it.

A brilliant way to learn your colours and to peg your mum too…

All the leaves are brown.


I’ve had a day of defiance.
From a nine year old who was getting Pokemon withdrawal symptoms because her television had been turned off…(yes, apparently it’s her television), to a dog who decided lattes were more preferable than returning back to her screeching owner.
Is Monday over yet?

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