Our New recruits.

Meet our new girls, names may change around as no one can agree on who has which name at present!

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  1. Dr Who fans…..love it.


  2. Hmmm…. I’m sensing a theme here… 😀 xxx


  3. Priceless. 🙂 happy to know you have new tenants.


  4. You’ve given them such vivid characters. Love ’em.


  5. I wish my wife would let me name our chickens awesome nerd names. I do have Cucco(zelda) and Mrs. Featherbottom(arrested development).


    • Aw they’re good names! I had a hen called Clara Cluck as a kid, she was a huge character and liked nothing better than escaping to the dog’s shed where she would gobble all of his food up. If the dog went anywhere near her, she would peck him!


  6. Fabulous – you must be cock-a-hoop with such lovely chuckkies 🙂


  7. Those are fab names!


  8. keeping chickens were great fun for my kids when growing up. Some of our favorite names, besides Bernice, were Stew, Enchilada, and Burrito. Our roster was Bubuh.


    • I love Bubuh! They kids begged me for another rooster but I’ve said no for the moment…they have a habit of wearing me down though….


  9. Seven is a nice number 🙂


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