Thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your well wishes and comments!
I had no idea how many of you would respond with so many comments and stories of your own to share too, it has really meant so much.
Millie is ok, I shall be posting again about it on Friday and I will tell you what I have done to resolve the situation for her and us as a family.

Hugs from all of us, Angie x

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  1. Hugs back to you!
    I remember being bullied at school, it definitely took it’s toll on me. It seems like it’s harderrougher/more intense for kids these days. If I ever get the line “kids will be kids” if my kiddo is on either end of the bullying scene I will go crazy!


  2. ((Hugs Mama)) As a professional, I was recently reviewing “anti bullying curriculum” that was being considered for use. It was horrible. No where did it EVER mention what the bully could to stop the behavior. There is/seems to be a real lack of accountability. As a mother, being a tough advocate/mama bear for our kids is the hardest job!! Love and Aloha from the Pacific.


  3. Indeed, Girl Replanted, why is there so much emphasis on teaching kids how to cope with being bullied rather than on teaching them how *not* to be a bully? I guess most parents won’t believe their kid could ever do something like that.


  4. Sorry to hear your daughter is having a bad time at school. I expect you know this already, but just in case you don’t, the law says children have to be educated at school or otherwise – otherwise meaning that you can teach them yourself at home. If you are in a position where you / other parental figure could do this (i.e. you’re not out at work all day!) then it is worth thinking about and doesn’t have to be a ‘forever decision’. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help in this area at all.


  5. inês, lisboa, portugal

    Well, this is a lovely picture ! So cosy and quiet! Thanks!


  6. You are never far from my thoughts. Being a mother is so fraught with possibilities….love, pain, joy, sadness…on and on. Your children open your heart and make you vulnerable forever.
    Hugs to you Mam. XOXOXO


  7. What a lovely picture of the little gang. Its obvious Evie and Gruff worship their big sister xx


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