The patter of tiny feet…

…on the landing, for the fifth time tonight. Go back to bed Gruff!

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  1. As much as I am sure that will frustrate me when the time comes. I am definitely excited for it all the same. Although I do enjoy the pitter patter of the little feet against my uterus!


  2. Ah, you have a night stalker too…


  3. Precious.


  4. Ahh, that brings back old memories…


  5. Can you still function after a night like that? Gruff looks as though he’s going to be tall.


  6. Maybe he’s checking up on you to see if everything is all ok? Love the jimjams and the bed head look 🙂


  7. As frustrating as it is when they get out of bed, they are SO. DARN. CUTE. when they do it, how can you really be mad? If your kids are even half as cute as your drawings of them, they are way too cute for you to win, so you might as well just throw in the towel now. ;-).


  8. I find myself looking forward to it, an extra snuggle with Mummy.


  9. Only the fifth?! I was one of those children. 😉


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