Birthday wishes…

…do not include a real life, ring-tailed lemur, (although if I may say so, they are very, very fluffy and very, very cute).
I don’t think it would stand still enough for me to wrap it and my wrapping is pretty lousy at the best of times.
A trip to the animal park can be arranged, however, complete with a replica T-rex and cake.
Endangered species excluded, have a lovely fifth birthday my little dinosauraholic.

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  1. Happy birthday evie, x


  2. Cassandra henry

    I just can’t stop smiling at your style and stuff! What a gift!


  3. Evie looks to be in seventh heaven! Happy birthday, Evie.


  4. Happy Birthday Evie!


  5. The lemurs are super cute.
    Happy Birthday!


  6. Enchanting 🙂 Happy birthday Evie – fabulous five is a super magical age to be 🙂


  7. Looks like a fab day out!
    Happy Birthday Evie 🙂


  8. Ha! I just posted about lemurs…they are our winetasting theme at work. (long story)

    I love your drawings!

    Happy Birthday, Evie. 🙂


  9. Have a wonderful day guys! Not sure where the dinosaurs are kept, The monkeys are always my faves at the zoo.


  10. Not sure if you could actually house-break a lemur…and they would probably just chew all the furniture.,


  11. Happy birthday to her! And I just love this picture. It brought a huge smile to my face.


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