My compliments to the chef.

Evie loves my packed lunches for school…


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  1. I bet Bonnie would be glad to help Evie eat it all up!

  2. Oh dear. I remember those days.

  3. Oh yes – packed lunch battle grounds! Remember them well 🙂 Evie might like to read Martha’s blog about her school meals

  4. My son ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on homemade (bread maker) sourdough bread for 2 years of school lunches. I guess it turned out ok, he’s 6 ft 2 in now.

  5. I liked your post, but I didn’t mean it. I meant I related to you and I think your perfectly described that situation. A situation which would be funny, if I wasn’t the one who packed the lunch.

    • That’s ok! She has a great face she pulls when she doesn’t like something. She told me the sandwiches I’d made for her yesterday made her feel sick even though she eats them in the house !

  6. maybe she would like to make her own lunch?

  7. My little great nephew told me that the meal I was serving looked like cat sick. So now I regularly serve him ‘cat sick pie’ 🙂

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