Where’s Wo wo?

It’s bedtime and we’re missing someone, someone very important.
He may be scruffy, a little worn around the ears but he really can’t get to sleep without him.
Have you seen him?

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  1. oh oh this is serious! hope you find him.


  2. My daughter was given 2 pink bunnies at birth. Loved them so much we bought 3 more to avoid this drama or so we thought but we now get told ‘No, not new bunny, old bunny’ as it’s thrown down in disdain.


  3. oh, no. I remember that worry when Tic E. Tic went missing. I hope Wo Wo is found soon. (Tic E. Tic was left in a sleeping bag at Grandma’s.)


    • Phew! I remember Evie leaving her cat, Nanas in a museum, when we found him, a little girl was playing with him and it took an awful lot of persuading for her to part with him….


  4. Disaster! I hope Wo wo came out of hiding quickly.


  5. Been there, done that… What did you do?


  6. Are we talking about Gruff being scruffy and a little worn round the ears or Wo wo ? 🙂 Sorry couldn’t resist that!


  7. Aww! When I was younger I had something similar!
    For more about my uneventful-yet-funny life as a British teen, go to uniquelysophie.wordpress.com


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