I’ve had a day of defiance.
From a nine year old who was getting Pokemon withdrawal symptoms because her television had been turned off…(yes, apparently it’s her television), to a dog who decided lattes were more preferable than returning back to her screeching owner.
Is Monday over yet?

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  1. I so know this feeling ….. Here’s hoping that they’re all more co-operative tomorrow!


  2. Oh good – under the ‘misery loves company’ category, I’m sorry your day hasn’t gone well – join the Monday blues crowd!


  3. Bonnie looks so happy and cheery 🙂 Bah humbug to the scowling faces who have resisted her charm and waggy tail


  4. Ahhh I feel this most days and being 39 weeks pregnant (tomorrow!!!) my patience at the moment with my 4 year old son, husband and 2 dogs (both male) is spread thinly to say the least! My war cry is ‘does no one listen to me’ or ‘am I talking in a foreign language!!’

    I’m a raging hormonal wreck at the min, capable of instant tears in 0.01 seconds (oh the traumas when I knocked all the shampoo and bubble bath bottles over into the bath the other night, from the sobbing you’d think I’d murdered a kitten)

    Roll on Halloween and pray for a due date baby like my son was


    • Oh it’s no fun at the end is it? You are quite entitled to remind the world of your torture but the finishing line is in sight!
      Hope you have happy news very soon! (and stay away from bubble bath…)


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