All the leaves are brown.

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  1. And the sky is gray. 😉


  2. And that is another earworm, thank you! 😉


  3. Definitely have had that song in my head all day now! It’s a winter wonderland where I am at the moment.


  4. How do we become programmed to songs? I loved kicking up leaves as a child – still do for that matter!


  5. I usually find that singing ‘God Save The Queen’ is the best cure for an earworm.


  6. My favourite time of year – all the different reds, browns, golds, russets, oranges and don’t forget the conkers 🙂


  7. aaawww lovely. It’s a beautiful Autumn this year 🙂


  8. Nearly daddy (Paul)

    Love it Angie


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