…dancing to some music on the radio.
They didn’t need a reason, they just felt like it.

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  1. Looks like a tango. We strictly addicts in this house. Wasn’t Michael Vaughan’s quickstep amazing tonight?

  2. Boogie on down baby!😀 xxxxxxx

  3. I went straight to this clip. No one is dancing to it, so perhaps your bairns could.🙂

  4. Absolutely adorable. Your style reminds me a bit of Quentin Blake, only much cuter.🙂

  5. Fab drawings. Bit of Ardizzone in there and a touch of Posy Simmonds, and a lot of you obviously😉 Just found your blog via a WordPress word search for illustration and am now following. Lovely stuff😉

  6. Big smile this morning🙂 Love the stripey socks😉

  7. The joys of childhood.

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