Dress rehearsal.

You can’t escape Halloween in our house. Today my lot had a dress rehearsal for the big spooky day tomorrow.
It hasn’t gone well, Gruff doesn’t want to be Batman/ a Cyberman / Spiderman, all very good Halloween options you might think but no, these are all no good.
And what, you may ask, does he want to be?
Gruff wants to be a ….
Yes a pumpkin. I have spent all day trying to convince my stubborn two year old that the above options are way cooler but the orange round vegetable option wins out each time.
Ah well, I have orange paint…

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  1. Orange t shirt, orange shorts, orange beanie. Done. 🙂


  2. You know lady, I’m impressed at your insights!
    Gruff knows the basics of things,as we probably all did when we were tiny, no frills
    nothing more than the simplicity of it all, it’s usually not too long before we get sucked into
    the commercialism of our world, good on you Gruff, enjoy all of you ! CX


  3. It’s midnight here in Texas and I can go to bed now that I have painted the green alien head with shiny black eyes for my 6-year old’s Halloween costume! Don’t worry! He’ll want more elaborate costumes as the years progress!


  4. You are right, simple is the best. At this point in time he’s half batman, half lion. Can’t see that being on sale in Asda….


  5. Gruff is clearly unique with a strong sense of individualism and either a fun loving traditionalist or a stylish trendsetter who will be the envy of all his pals. Go with the flow Angie you know it’s less hassle and makes sense 🙂


  6. They have a pumpkin costume in lidl a cape with a face a little hat for 5 euros I got one yesterday


  7. One of my young cousins went as a shrub…plant pot and all…his dad’s a landscaper, so I guess that’s where it comes from? hahaha Lil’ kids are great!


  8. Gruff will look great as a pumpkin. I like his idea.


  9. Well he was so good at carving his pumpkin……I suppose I didn’t help matters there hee hee


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