Monthly Archives: November 2012



Wherever I lay my hat.

Dreaming of bones.

Judging by all the whoops and growls, it must be good.

Little sisters.

The North Wind Doth Blow…

…and we shall have really cute, mega fluffy animal hats this year!

Sock it to ’em.

Daddy’s watching the rugby.

Olive oil.

My worst nightmare, coming home to find the dog having an ongoing battle with an open bottle of olive oil.
And she’s drank an awful lot of it too.
An olive oil time bomb.
This isn’t going to end well is it?


I believe stinky is the best word to sum up our beach walk (minus children) this afternoon.
If there is even a small morsel of something rotten on the beach, Bonnie will find it.
And then she will eat it.
And then I will have fish burps all the way home in the car.


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