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Wherever I lay my hat.

Dreaming of bones.

Judging by all the whoops and growls, it must be good.

Little sisters.

The North Wind Doth Blow…

…and we shall have really cute, mega fluffy animal hats this year!

Sock it to ’em.

Daddy’s watching the rugby.

Olive oil.

My worst nightmare, coming home to find the dog having an ongoing battle with an open bottle of olive oil.
And she’s drank an awful lot of it too.
An olive oil time bomb.
This isn’t going to end well is it?


I believe stinky is the best word to sum up our beach walk (minus children) this afternoon.
If there is even a small morsel of something rotten on the beach, Bonnie will find it.
And then she will eat it.
And then I will have fish burps all the way home in the car.


Learning to write.

On the paper Evie!

Learning to read.

and quite enjoying it.


Nose or sleeve?

A visit to the vets.

Sorry Arnie. Glad you’re better now. Are we forgiven?

Profound. (Part2)

In the line of fire.

Gruff got an all singing all firing robot, (complete with bells and whistles) for his birthday, (thank you Grandma).
Sometimes he forgets to switch it off and it always stomps its way over to the dog.
Lucky Bonnie.


Oh dear, don’t start this now! I thought I’d escaped this particular one!

First day at nursery school.

…for Gruff.

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School dinners are nice.

…they enjoyed the pudding…


Do chickens dream?

Happy Birthday.

Gruff is three today, blow those candles out and make a wish!

Birthday eve.

It’s a certain little boy’s birthday tomorrow. The superhero cake he requested is being held together by tonnes of icing , there are sword shaped parcels and home made cards ready.
Just need to keep someone’s fingers from stealing any more icing.


It’s never, ever good news when they’re quiet.

The life and times of my pram.

Well you didn’t think I wasn’t going to give my trusty hot wheels a good send off did you?

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Time to say goodbye.

I think the pram has had its day, it’s a bit battered and tired.
Nowadays it sits in the hallway, unused and unneeded.
End of an era…sniff…

The Fifth of November.

Bonfire night has been a huge success, thanks to Myles bravery at lighting our arsenal of fireworks and my amazing marshmallow melting skills.

Fireworks watching.

Far more exciting than sleeping.

Dogs don’t do fireworks.

Kindest place is indoors this weekend.


Evie has new medicine to take.

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Sword practice.

Nice to see a use for all those left-over Halloween balloons (thank you Grandma).
I don’t think Arnie needs rescuing though…

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