Sword practice.

Nice to see a use for all those left-over Halloween balloons (thank you Grandma).
I don’t think Arnie needs rescuing though…

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  1. Great idea. My kids live for their swords!


  2. Too cute, looks like the enemy balloons will soon be vanquished! My great, big 17 year old son was a knight for Halloween, complete with flowing red cape. He found that while his cape looks dashing, it does tend to get caught in the car door as one backs doown the drive.


  3. I see the caped superhero is not going to relinquish Halloween just yet.


  4. Somethings just never change over the years – despite the techno gadget wizardry of the 21st century, a child’s imagination and zest for life is ageless, constant and always raises a smile. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. ha…this is something my hubby would be teaching the kids. 😉 great time!


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