Dogs don’t do fireworks.

Kindest place is indoors this weekend.

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  1. poor thing! I have a 6yr old that would be doing the same.


  2. They don’t!


  3. Yes, yes… please protect the scaredy-pups!


  4. Or, in my dogs case, the garden rubbish wheelie bin!


  5. Poor Bonnie. Hope she is okay. You could try some valerian compound if she is really anxious and upset.

    I always feel for the poor animals at this time if year, I’m lucky that my 2 dogs aren’t bothered in the slightest.


  6. Love this one. It looks very much like my wee dog. We put an old t shirt on her to keep her calm. Work a treat!

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  7. Poor Bonnie 😦 What about Arnie? Maybe you could build a ‘cave’ for Bonnie so she will feel safe and secure? Under a table covered with a blanket and her bed, toys and nibbles inside and someone to give her extra cuddles? Fortunately my two aren’t ‘gun shy’ so fireworks aren’t a problem. Big hugs Bonnie x


    • She had an unfortunate experience this summer with a fireworks display when we were camping. We had to hide her in the boot, I’m afraid she’s not taking a liking to them now. We have a crate for her so she has her blanket over the top and a good stash of toys and bones for tonight and tomorrow night.


  8. Awwww, poor thing. I’m always so sad and helpless when dogs are scared like that. 😦


  9. Aww, poor Bonnie. My Lily is the same way. Also with frying bacon and thunderstorms.


  10. Our last dog didn’t like booming thunderstorms…we would have to put in the bathroom and close the door. (with a blanket and the light on)


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