Time to say goodbye.

I think the pram has had its day, it’s a bit battered and tired.
Nowadays it sits in the hallway, unused and unneeded.
End of an era…sniff…

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  1. Kyra (Scribbles & Sprinkles)



  2. The first of those empty nest moments. They have to fledge, but sometimes it’s hard for the parents.


  3. I think Arnie is trying to suggest to Gruff that the buggy would in fact make a great wee ‘go-kart’ 🙂 An F1 champ in the making?? Gruff that is, not Arnie!


  4. Oh my goodness, I was thinking the same thing myself a few days ago, though I am only thinking of putting my ‘big’ pram away and will still use my buggy. I’ll sniff along with you if that’s ok.


  5. I’m also close to this stage… I don’t want to let it go though! 😦


  6. What type was it? In hunting for a good, sturdy pushchair


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