The life and times of my pram.

Well you didn’t think I wasn’t going to give my trusty hot wheels a good send off did you?

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  1. They become a part of us for those years… you forgot the classic. stack up shopping.. remove baby .. crash 🙂


  2. I seem to recall abandoning mine at a toddler group, hoping someone would simply remove it…


  3. Still think the buggy needs to be recycled as an F1 go-kart – it clearly has a place in Arnie’s heart 🙂


  4. I went through a few buggies when my daughter was a baby as I always stacked it with so much shopping. I quite liked when she started walking as it meant I could put more shopping in the baby seat. Was positively lost when ours finally went. Felt like I’d lost an extention of myself.


  5. I just gave my oldest friend all my baby girl items for her first baby, but the only hard one was the stroller. They give us some element of freedom and mobility. It’s amazing how much emotion and nostalgia gets attached to them!


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