It’s never, ever good news when they’re quiet.

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  1. I enjoy your doodles so much. Especially the bunny story line. And the kids are memories of my raising a child….never good when it is quiet. Love the dog and the coloring you do. What a fabulous idea for a blog.


  2. Lol… nice colours though…. ::D xxx


  3. He looks soo happy…lol.


  4. He’s cute as a button, that boy. 😀

    On the other hand, you should be happy he’s trying his art on something washable, and not on the walls 😉


  5. Has he been watching you do your make-up?


  6. Big chuckle this morning 🙂 little boys are so endearing. Enjoy Gruff while you can, you will be his idol until he’s about 9 years old. When my eldest was 9 (now 24) he wrote me a mother’s day poem which included the the line ‘…..if you were a football sticker, I would not swap you for the world…….’ I knew I had made it in his world at that point 😉


  7. Such a clever imagination! An artist like his Mum.


  8. Bahahaha fysh does that as well!


  9. I love the drawings. My little one is 15 months and I’m getting prepared for all the gems ahead. x


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