Happy Birthday.

Gruff is three today, blow those candles out and make a wish!

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  1. Are you illustrating a book yet?! You’re so good!!


  2. aaawwww happy birthday little fella 🙂


  3. I’m so glad that I found your blog! Your doodles are bringing smiles every day! Have you illustrated any books?


  4. Happy, Happy Birthday! Have some cake for me! The best number in the world, is the lucky number three!


  5. Yes Gruff, Happy third birthday! I scanned the family picture to see if the pets were involved, and there they were. Perfect!!


  6. Happy birthday Gruff, hope you received a lot of presents !!


  7. Happy Birthday Gruff, have a lovely day xx


  8. Happy Birthday Gruff!
    What a lovely family moment x


  9. All the family is there, so good.

    Happy Birthday Gruff. Keep doing those antics that drive your mam batty and make us chortle. 🙂


  10. Gruff, that’s a lot of puff. Don’t set Mum’s hair alight! HBTY


  11. Happy Birthday little man and it was lovely to see everyone included


  12. Happy Birthday Gruff, thanks for sharing the moment.


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