In the line of fire.

Gruff got an all singing all firing robot, (complete with bells and whistles) for his birthday, (thank you Grandma).
Sometimes he forgets to switch it off and it always stomps its way over to the dog.
Lucky Bonnie.

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  1. Poor Bonnie! I love the way you’ve drawn her posture and the expression on her shocked face.


  2. That would be sooooo bothersome! That dog looks just like my buddy Walker who would be totally freaked out by that robot attack!


  3. And doesn’t Arnie chase after the robot? Or is he too savvy and battle hardened to do such juvenile things? 😀


  4. Ooo poor dog seems to be in shock by the little robot! 🙂


  5. The expression on Bonnie’s face is brilliant. You have a sublime gift for succinctly summing p a a few lines.


  6. I suspect Grandma did not get Mum-approval for this gift.


  7. Ha ha haaa. Poor old bonnie, quick run and hide, the batteries will wear out soon!


  8. My little boy just got not of those this evening, a belated birthday gift. Needless to say my heart sank and within 5 mins I was demented. The batteries will be run down swiftly me thinks


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