A visit to the vets.

Sorry Arnie. Glad you’re better now. Are we forgiven?

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  1. Arnie’s reply…. “You will pay for this…. you will pay dearly…… and for a very long time…..” hahahaha


  2. The answer’s definitely NO!!!


  3. I foresee rip tearing romps across your bed in the dead of night.


  4. Like the other Arnie said when someone threw an egg at him – “You owe me some bacon!”


  5. aaaawwwwww poor Arnie. I think there’ll be retaliation lol


  6. What happened to Arnie? Also, where is Part 1 Profound??
    On the edge of my chair here…Diana


    • He’s been throwing up a lot so I took him to be checked out by the vet and that involved a blood test. Thankfully he’s fine so it’s a case of spacing out his food and making sure he doesn’t wolf it down too fast…
      As for Profound part one, it was a while back so here’s the link for you : http://wp.me/s11UZz-profound


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