Learning to read.

and quite enjoying it.

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  1. Reading is my favorite thing! Ohhhhh the fun you will have, the places you will go, the discoveries you will make!!! Reading rocks!!!

    You can read on the sofa,
    or read in a chair.
    You can read,
    just about anywhere!

    Early in the morning, or late at night
    Reading a book, is always right!

    Reading is fun!
    And soon
    you will know…
    Reading will take you,
    anywhere you want to go!


  2. I love,love,love this doodle! I love seeing kids figure it out! And I love that the cat is overseeing it all! And I love that poem from Sheila!


  3. Looks like Gruff has fallen asleep. Just wait ’til it’s his turn!


  4. Gruff appears deep in thought.


  5. The cat sat on the blankie……. 🙂


  6. What joy to sit and read a while!


  7. Reblogged this on annmariescottblog and commented:
    Have been following this blog for some time now – always brings a smile to my inbox!
    Love not only the snapshots, both visual and textual comments made by the Illustrator about daily family life, but also the minimal, fluid and beautiful line work. Wonderful!


  8. I totally love this drawing! 😉


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