I believe stinky is the best word to sum up our beach walk (minus children) this afternoon.
If there is even a small morsel of something rotten on the beach, Bonnie will find it.
And then she will eat it.
And then I will have fish burps all the way home in the car.

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  1. What is about Labs! Dustbins of the doggy world – the stinkier the better. Hope Bonnie only burped in the car 🙂


  2. Maybe you need to get a soft muzzle so doggy can’t eat stuff.


  3. Well … at least she didn’t /roll/ in it. 😉 I love the paw prints on your coat — classic!


  4. Ooh, lovely! At least it wasn’t a dead sheep. 😉


  5. Some days have no comments. How do you start a comment section? Yesterday I wanted to comment about :Heavy:, It’s a good kind of heavy when it’s your kid:)


  6. your looks says it all: I’d rather you didn’t but..hey… I love you anyway!….. I suppose that’s a bit the same as the “heavy” one too!


  7. Labs just know what’s important in life! The world is one big adventure! And I know you can’t help but love us for it!!


  8. We used to have a Border Collie called Sally- very pretty, stroked by all, until they realised that she’d just rolled in a dead fish!


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