Little sisters.

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  1. Beyond sweet! And hey big sister…. that is what family is for! To embarrass you at the worst possible time!

    Sister, sister, let me hold your hand!
    Can’t you tell, I am your biggest fan!
    Sister, big sister! Can I please?
    Go with you on a walk,
    in the crisp autumn breeze!

    Sister, oh sister, really, really, it is true!
    I know how lucky I am…
    that my big sister is YOU!


  2. I am darn sure my older sister empathises with Millie 🙂


  3. My little sister is 6 years younger than me and although she is now 42 years old, I still see her as the 16 year old who I was forever getting out of trouble. So sorry Millie, would love to say like good wine, little sisters get better as they get older but in my case…………….NO 🙂


  4. Love the way the little ones look up (literally and physically) to their big sister Millie – who seems to be having a mini teenage moment!


  5. Oh i miss being kids with my sister


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