Dreaming of bones.

Judging by all the whoops and growls, it must be good.

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  1. Maybe a yummy dinosaur knucklebone?


  2. i think something is after him and he’s trying to hide!


  3. I just love the artwork. Reminds me a bit of the illustrations in the old Beverly Cleary books from my childhood at times 🙂


  4. Must be rabbits 🙂 Does Bonnie play the piano too in her dreams?


  5. Your drawings always cheer me up. I have a small dog and the comment you made about the noise made me laugh. Little dogs make just as much noise as big ones – maybe more. Mine burrows into a bunch of blankets and the snoring starts almost immediately.


  6. I love this. It reminds me of the dogs we used to have as a kid. Perfectly poised. 🙂 Wish I could curl up and sleep like that.


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