Wherever I lay my hat.

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  1. I have been hooked on your daily for awhile now. Absolutey LOVE it. Thanks so much


  2. I had a pair of Mickey Mouse ears and a tail made of yarn that I wore (as a child) for about 3 years. This is awesome.


  3. The blue colour is a delight. Great drawings and such a fun post!


  4. Ab Fab – big belly chuckles this morning 🙂 Love the bottom sketch with the teddies peeking over the top of the duvet. They look like wee puppies in bed with Mamma Pooch 🙂


  5. Lovely drawings as always, Angie – any updated news on the book?

    Look out for “The Snowman and The Snowdog” on Channel 4 this Christmas. The crew are going to see it next Sunday and we’re acting like excited kids ourselves!

    All the best – Pete


    • Oh I am so excited! I can’t wait to see it, I still watch the snowman/bear/Father Christmas every year without fail (and make the kids sit through it too :)))) It must be so rewarding seeing the finished work after so much up close detail work.
      The book has just gone off to print, it will be 176 pages of illustrations, following a year in our family. I’m not sure when I’ll see the book itself now but it has been an amazing experience! I’m just about to start work on a picture book for children so I’m very excited to get started on that!


  6. So do I – where can I get one?


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