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New Year.

And what a new year this will be.
Without you all this wouldn’t be possible so from the bottom of my heart, thank you , thank you, thank you!
2013 bring it on….
end of 2012

Christmas past.

Every year I tell myself I’ll do a post about Christmas, about my mum and how she died a few days before Christmas.
Every year the date comes and goes and I don’t draw anything.
Because I can’t draw anything remotely near how it feels.
christmas cards

Bath-time for Bonnie.

bath time for bonnie

Little ninjas.

Santa brought us a games console for Christmas.
We’re currently locked in a battle to shoot dinosaurs and save the planet. It’s not going to be easy but I know a few children up for the job…

The worse thing about 2am.


An original work of art.

We have Bonnie’s DNA test results and I’m happy to announce she is officially, one hundred percent, dog.

Christmas Day.

Haven’t seen the children much today but come to think of it haven’t seen the floor either or the bottom of the port bottle yet.
Happy Christmas.
xmas day 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town…

…and we have left him a mince pie, a bottle of beer and an umbrella. (Well it is Swansea).
Wishing you all the very merry of Christmases, I hope it’s a peaceful one with sprouts.

Christmas Eve Eve.

Are the animals on Santa’s naughty list or Santa’s nice list has been the discussion of the day.
Christmas eve eve

The great escape…

…to the cinema, far away from Daddy’s lurgy.

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