Ponies on the loose.

Well I certainly didn’t think I’d be walking down a main road with two escaped ponies when I woke up this morning. Shame, there’s a lot of abandoning of these pitiful creatures at the moment. This mother and foal have been reported to the local horse pound, (yes Swansea has a horse pound).
I got them to a local park where at least they were safe.
wandering horses

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  1. Fantastic! They don’t look too happy in the rain and traffic. Russell.


  2. Well done. When I lived in Warwickshire we often used to get escaped cows, horses and ponies rampaging around the garden, and one of our ponies was nicknamed Houdini for his expertise in rolling under the fence whenever the hunt was about.


  3. Glad they crossed your path… hope they find their home, or at least, a good home soon. 🙂


  4. What a scary thing for those horses! I’ve never heard of stray horses before.


  5. Honestly, who abandons a pony? How heartless…poor little darlings.


  6. poor little things – why were they so close to the city centre I wonder?


    • Not sure, there’s a few around here at the moment, some are tethered in Cwmbwrla Park, these ones were heading straight towards Camarthen Road, didn’t want them getting hurt so we detoured into Gendros park.
      They were not in a nice state either. Very friendly though.
      Hopefully the horse pound will find them somewhere nice and warm with lots of food.


  7. I “liked” the post because your drawing is so good, especially the rolling eye(s) of the first pony – but what a sad situation!


  8. I am astounded to know that ponies can be abandoned like this.


  9. You did really well to get them to safety – hopefully a new home will be found for them both now – at least they’ll be well-cared for in the horse pound.


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