Angels, kings, and a little group of cheeky robins (loving the wiggle Gruff).

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  1. My favourite yet. Merry Christmas Doodlemum, Doodlekids and Doodlepets.


  2. Love it! (especially the angel digging for gold!)


  3. Oh, so THAT’S what that angel is doing. 😉 There’s one in every cast ….


  4. Every one of those would make a great Christmas card.


  5. These would all be so pretty framed! Thanks so much for the slideshow! Sweet… love the Donkey on a stick! Does that come with dipping sauce? ha ha


  6. I was just thinking as well that those would make fantastic Christmas cards, especially Mary and Joseph. Beautiful.


  7. Lovely time of year for the children and long may the traditional Nativity play continue in our schools and communities 🙂


  8. These are wonderful! So cute!


  9. I bet it was wonderful… children are so beautifully innocent yet so funny at that age… here’s a blast from the past… your mum might have sung it to you when you were little and going to bed… might help when Santa Claus comes a knocking! 😀 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  10. Oh these are beautiful, especially the robin. Definately a Xmas card series right there.


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