Cats and jaffa cakes.

Don’t look away, Arnie’ll swipe your jaffa cake when you’re not looking.
cats and jaffa cakes

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  1. Tee hee – I always giggle at the mention of jaffa cakes! Remember that advert some years ago – the woman eating them in front of the children – full moon (full jaffa), half moon (half jaffa), total eclipse (jaffa eaten)?? It is a scene repeated in our home even today whenever jaffa cakes are on the go. Needless to say they don’t last very long……………………….all of er,…………………5 minutes! :-0


  2. Is Arnie a Manx cat?


    • Not too sure as we had him from the Rspca as a young man. No one seems to know, he has a little stump so there is some evidence there might of been a tail at some point. He does quite well without it though.


  3. I once had a cat that liked Mars Bars … always the first we knew about him finding another one was the sound of sucking as he tried to get the toffee off his teeth! *doh*


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