rainy christmas

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  1. Soggy walks are no fun. I hope you can have some sun tomorrow.


  2. It’s been just like this in New Jersey too!


  3. It’s just like this in New Jersey too!


  4. OH I know love, TERRIBLE weather today all over the uk, black as pitch and twice as wet!!! I hope you managed to dry out quickly once you got home! xxx


  5. I wonder if the weather has been miserable all the way across the Atlantic? This certainly looks like Philadelphia weather lately.


  6. You have a genius for showing mood,. In every line of this drawing, I see dejection and grim determination. Fa-bu-lous drawing.


  7. Ain’t it so …. I’ve had enough now, stop this rain!


  8. Oh dear what a grim walk and how dejected does Bonnie look! Her tail acting as an umbrella looks stern 🙂 Hopefully a mug of hot RIbena did just the trick when you got home.


  9. ewfffff horrible weather. You’ve captured the gloom perfectly


  10. That does look like a gloomy pair. So sad! I myself love the rain! And I wish that we could get some here!


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