Christmas Eve Eve.

Are the animals on Santa’s naughty list or Santa’s nice list has been the discussion of the day.
Christmas eve eve

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  1. I vote for nice. because even when they are naughty, they make us giggle. And Laughter is the best medicine :)) Merry Christmas to all of you, even those with paws!


  2. I’ll side with Sheila Delgado. Animals are always on Santa’s nice list! And even when they aren’t, they’re funny, and they don’t mean to be bad. Merry Christmas!


  3. Now that is a very interesting question, but I must vote for the good list. Merry Christmas to you all, animals included :o)


  4. Hope you have a TOP crimbo!! Ur pics make me laugh every day! My kids are older now but they bring all the funny times back when ur kids are young they are the times of ur life ! Big love gibo xx


  5. Oh nice… yeah… definitely, definitely nice… 😀 xxxxxxx


  6. Like Arnie gives a sh*t anyway. 😉


  7. Good.- at least as good as the other members of the family. I hope Lurgy Dad is better.


  8. A tiny Maltese named Elf was on the good list, cause we adopted him from a rescue shelter 2 days ago. He was a breeder in a puppy mill for 4 years, he’s skinny and tiny (4 lbs) and adorable and so lucky Santa gave him a real home for a Christmas gift!


  9. Happy Christmas!

    I think Arnie would be happy with even an empty sock to bat at. 🙂


  10. Definately on the super nice list 🙂


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