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King Gruff.

Made at school, paraded in style.
His majesty is looking very regal.
king for the day


It’s just been one of those January days.

Monday morning.

Just when you thought that Monday morning was sick in the pit of your stomach bad enough, you’re woken up by your super happy, energetic, big brother.
Oh joy.
wakey wakey

Mummy’s changing the duvet.

Can we all let go now?

Another load.

joys of washing

Mop around the clock.

A mopping montage….

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Hat hair.

An inevitable result of much woolly hat wearing in this weather.
hat hair


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Anyone seen my ball?

anyone seen my ball

Wrap up warm.

Apparently it’s all about layers.
Sorry Gruff I’ll try a few less tomorrow so you can at least walk to school and move your arms…
wrap up warm

The dog did it.

the dog did it

Chocolate cake.

I need say no more.

It’s snowing!

It’s snowing not raining!
Everything has ground to a great big halt as there is no bread or milk left to panic buy.
No work, no school.
Nothing better to do than to make mega snowballs in the park all afternoon. (which is looking lovely with it’s blanket of white instead of it’s normal covering of mud and scrambler bikes).

Teaching your children to fold clothes…

…and not scrumple them somewhere I can’t find them.
Come to think of it, where on earth do they manage to hide all their clothes they take off at the end of the day?

What’s a cat to do?

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Little dumplings.

We will have to eat them at some point you know…

It’s mine.

its mine

First one to take their plate to the sink gets pudding.

clearing plates

The sandstorm.

A bracing January walk on the beach complete with sandstorm and stropping three year old.
Well that really cheered everyone up.

Falling asleep at the same time as your children.

It’s Friday night! Now where’s the party?
asleep on the job

Attack of the fluffies.

Nothing beats walking into a room to find your children have assembled every single one of their fluffy toys for a picnic.
And it’s bedtime.
attack of the fluffies

In at the deep end.

I’ve decided to book some swimming lessons for Evie and Gruff together.

In at the deep end

Back to the grindstone.

Slow to wake, slow to eat breakfast and even slower to get to school. What fun.
back to the grindstone


Evie has a specific night time routine we have to follow, dare not deviate from it!

The Christmas holidays are over.

holidays are ove

White dogs can’t jump

white dogs cant jump

Say ah and eek…

Gruff finally allowed the dentist to see inside his mouth today (and no bitten fingers too).
I also had a very interesting picture sent to me too, a first glimpse of the Doodlemum book.
I may have squealed in the dentist’s surgery, apologies to anyone outside waiting to go in, it wasn’t painful I promise.

say aaaah

Figure drawing.

figure drawing


Watch out for the doggy asteroids…

New Year’s Day.

My head hurts, please be gentle.
new years day

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