Say ah and eek…

Gruff finally allowed the dentist to see inside his mouth today (and no bitten fingers too).
I also had a very interesting picture sent to me too, a first glimpse of the Doodlemum book.
I may have squealed in the dentist’s surgery, apologies to anyone outside waiting to go in, it wasn’t painful I promise.

say aaaah

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  1. Congrats! Looking forward to getting a copy.


  2. Oh congratulations! I have not heard of this before now. I am so happy for you! Wonderful news! The cover is gorgeous… makes me want to see more!!


  3. Well done on your achievements!


  4. I love the cover! Can’t wait until I can order it!!! Congratulations!


  5. This is all really exciting news!! That the dentist got to see inside Gruff’s mouth! ( I hope it was all good?) And that a book is coming! Congratulations! Can’t wait til it’s out for the public!


  6. That’s exciting!


  7. Looking forward to ordering my copy of the book. The cover is simple but eye-catching. Happy New Year, Angie!


  8. The book looks good, what an accomplishment. Now ya gotta go out and sell em.


  9. Eeeeeeee! I’ve Pre-ordered from amazon !


  10. Well done Angie, how exciting, can’t wait to buy 🙂 Gruff on the other hand looks gobsmacked!


  11. Fabulous look to the book.May I put the trailer link on my blog? Jock was only ever bitten once – he was great with small children, he used to work kneeling on the floor so as to be on their level instead of looming menacingly over them.


  12. says available February 28: “Most parents photograph their children growing up, but Doodlemum (Angie Stevens) posts a drawing of her children and their family life on her blog every night (after the kids have gone to sleep). She draws everything from holidays to pets, tantrums to camping. All captured in a few key strokes of the pen. Angie Stevens’s enthusiasm for drawing developed in childhood and she went on to study illustration at the Unviersity of Westminster. After shis, she says, came ‘the tsunami of children and marriage’ but her passion for drawing never left her. After the birth of her third child, ‘a bit exhausted, sleep-deprived and probably suffering from a bit of post natal depression’, her husband bought her a collection of Moleskine notebooks and suggested it might help to start drawing again. It did, and in 2010 the Doodlemum blog was born. Over 1000 illustrations later, Doodlemum is established. This is the book her fans have been asking for – perfect for them and for those who will fall in love with this tender and funny picture of family life in all its messy glory.”


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