Evie has a specific night time routine we have to follow, dare not deviate from it!

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  1. Tee hee – love all the fluffies in the bed – it looks like it is they who are doing the chanting 🙂 Wait until Evie is a teenager! Reminds me of a certain daughter who is nicknamed Demanda Amanda! Maybe Evie will become known as Diva Evie 🙂


  2. really enjoy your drawings. btw, I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blog award. To find out how to accept this award, pls visit my blog:


  3. We have the same: fan on, music on, two pink bunnies in hands, three bunnies in bed, fresh beaker of water by bed, fish wind on, baby monitor on….’Mummy I’m hungry, can I have a Weetabix?’ No.


  4. I miss Evie and her big smiles


  5. Did you say bourbon or biscuits?


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