Hat hair.

An inevitable result of much woolly hat wearing in this weather.
hat hair

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  1. No fun, if the hat has any man-made fibres in it…

    … until they find the came of pulling each other’s hat off in the dark and seeing the sparks! 😀


  2. My hair responds like that to frosty weather regardless – that’s how I know it’s cold enough outside to put a hat on in the first place!


  3. wow, is that Millie? Despite the hst hair she’s looking proper grown up! Hope she is still settled at the new school.


  4. Every day is Hat Hair day here on the Isle of Mull 🙂


  5. To me thats an original style that should be applauded,, my hair looks like it has had decades of the Atlantic storms on the west coast of Ireland styling it and funny enough, it has.. ;0),, love your illustrations ..


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