Another load.

joys of washing

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  1. It never ever ends, does it?


  2. There are all those missing socks!


  3. There are all those missing socks!!


  4. I reckon you’re raising a family of centipedes!


  5. There always is ‘another load’ when kids are involved….loving the blog!


  6. Reblogged this on cynthiajacksonblog and commented:
    I remember these days !!! A daily chore, missing socks and never finding the match !! lol


  7. Love the use of colour in this particular picture 🙂


  8. Love Gruff’s ‘footballing’ skills as he tries to kick the ‘smalls’ towards the washing machine.


  9. What is it with socks?! 😉


  10. Lol I love this (and all you work, really). it does never end. Remember when you were just living with your man and sometimes when you were on a roll and washed it all and, ALL the clothes you owned were clean?


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