Mummy’s changing the duvet.

Can we all let go now?

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  1. Along with pairing socks, this is one of my lest favourite jobs to do haha 🙂 and you can guarantee the kids jump on the bed and start to have a wrestling match , then the dog joins in too ceazeeee
    Victoria xx


  2. Not an easy task – haha!


    • You always think it will be a quick five minute job and fifteen minutes later in a pool of sweat and hysterical children and animals you can finally admire your completed task..


  3. In our house we call the process (*assumes hillbilly voice) wrasslin’ with a bayur.


  4. Oh how I loathe that job, and I don’t have kids and cats as an excuse for putting it off!


  5. I hate that job!

    It helps to peg the top corners.


  6. I’m OK with the single duvets … but I always ask my husband to help change the king sized on our bed … we have quite a routine of it now!


  7. I cant see mummy.Hahahaha


  8. I can’t see Bonnie 🙂 And Arnie is NOT helping, he is hanging on for dear life trying not to be flipped off!!


  9. It’s never ending with kids. If only they’d stay clean.


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