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Night-time can’t come soon enough.

Sometimes there are far too many hours in the day.

cant come soon enough

Competition (Now closed)

Well the competition has now closed and thank you to everyone who took part, it was so lovely to see all your drawings, the kids took some time over each one. We think you deserve a slide show of your own to celebrate the release of my book.

Congratulations to Lillie Kron! You win the signed book. Lillie Kron (WINNER)

Anais Fraiche, Beth Hannis and Kerry Bettles, you all win a signed drawing. Anais Fraiche
Beth Hannis

To everyone who took part, a huge thank you!

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Well the votes have been cast in our great doodling competition and it took some time! There were a few squabbles but we have a list of winners and I shall announce them tomorrow!



The Dog’s….

No Bonnie, not all doggie bottoms want to be sniffed, especially when attached to owners like this…


A terrible affliction. Striking acutely at 8am on any given Monday. Symptoms include nausea, a feeling of impending doom and a complete lack of cooperation in leaving the house.
Symptoms will normally, (miraculously) disappear completely on their own once all possibilities of leaving the house are diminished ..

Competition. (Now closed)

Well this Thursday my book “Doodlemum. A year of family life”, will finally be published by Two Roads Books

To mark this mega exciting occasion, I would like to run a drawing competition! This is open to everyone who can pick up a pen and is willing to use it! Artistic skills are not necessary although if you want to show off you can too!

I have one Doodlemum book in front of me that has been autographed by the whole family, (I will endeavour to get animal paw prints but can’t guarantee I can get Arnie to do the honours….) it comes complete with a tea bag too (so you can have a drink on me).

The winner will get the book with an original drawing inside by myself.
The three runners up will get a drawing by me.

To win we would like you to send us a drawing, just upload it to or to the comments section of this post, by photo, flicker, as long as we can see the picture!
The drawing must be an original drawing of your family or a family member.

The KIDS are going to judge the winners so any dodgy (unsuitable for kids) drawings will be vetted by me first….

Good luck, get doodling and on Thursday (publication day) I’ll announce the winners. Remember DRAWING SKILLS NOT NECESSARY! So there’s no excuse….

over to you

Mini me and a little proposal.


Burnt offerings.

I blame the oven, far too hot.
burnt offerings


The highlight of your day (if you’re a chicken).

All day long.

Some days it’s not worth getting up at all.
all day long


The sun is shining, in Swansea!

Last wee before bedtime.

Come on Bonnie, got to be done, out you go.
last wee

Sunday afternoon creativity.

Falling asleep amidst a full scale paper aeroplane war is never advisable…

A rare occurrence.

Sometimes bedtime comes too late for busy boys.

If you build it…


Love is…

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Dead spider.

And…..hold that pose Bonnie…
dead spider

Pancake day.

Valentines day comes nowhere near as important as pancake day in our house!
Wear them, drown them in lemon juice, roll them up neatly or just cram as many into your mouth as physically possible.
Oh joy!
pancake day

Half term is here.

A whole week off school!
half term

Sloppy kisses.

I have my romantic film on the television (with tea and biscuits of course). The scene is fast approaching where the hero takes the heroine in his arms and they passionately kiss….to a background noise of groans and shrieks of disgust from my lot.

sloppy kisses

Frisbee fun.

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Can’t fight a yawn.

I believe I can fly…

Give him a tea towel and a certain theme tune playing on you tube and my three year old thinks he can soar.

Plucked Chicken.

Not the time of year to be losing all your feathers…
plucked chicken


A word that is always best when shouted at full volume and over something very inconsequential like wearing your lion hat to school.


Fifty shades of dirty grey.

Bloody black sock got into my wash.
50 shades

How to wear glasses and mascara…

…with glasses balanced precariously on the end of your nose…

Made up.

made up



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