Competition. (Now closed)

Well this Thursday my book “Doodlemum. A year of family life”, will finally be published by Two Roads Books

To mark this mega exciting occasion, I would like to run a drawing competition! This is open to everyone who can pick up a pen and is willing to use it! Artistic skills are not necessary although if you want to show off you can too!

I have one Doodlemum book in front of me that has been autographed by the whole family, (I will endeavour to get animal paw prints but can’t guarantee I can get Arnie to do the honours….) it comes complete with a tea bag too (so you can have a drink on me).

The winner will get the book with an original drawing inside by myself.
The three runners up will get a drawing by me.

To win we would like you to send us a drawing, just upload it to or to the comments section of this post, by photo, flicker, as long as we can see the picture!
The drawing must be an original drawing of your family or a family member.

The KIDS are going to judge the winners so any dodgy (unsuitable for kids) drawings will be vetted by me first….

Good luck, get doodling and on Thursday (publication day) I’ll announce the winners. Remember DRAWING SKILLS NOT NECESSARY! So there’s no excuse….

over to you

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  1. Congratulations on being published, such exciting news !!


  2. I am absolutely hopeless at drawing but Huge Good Luck with your book launch !!
    Very well done πŸ™‚


  3. That counts me out – ha! Congratulations!!!


  4. So happy for you and your AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENT! Thanks for sharing your excitement with us… This is my baby girl, Jessie Marie. She likes to lay on my lap while I work on the computer, squished between me and the arm of the chair. Well, OK… I can not draw, and I can not figure out how to upload here. I will send it to your contact address… 😦 hope that is OK.


  5. One small point – how on earth do we upload a picture in the comments box? 😦


  6. Well, I can’t draw for toffee so fear my luck here is out, but I’ll be sure to look out for your book. Hope it does well.


  7. Congratulations on the publication of your book. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, and finding one of your drawings in my Google Reader stream every morning brightens up my workday (I’m a free lance writer, based in Oslo, Norway). So please keep drawing and posting! πŸ™‚

    As for the competition, you don’t really say whether the respondent has to be the artist, or even if it has to be made for the competition. Therefore, I am submitting my favourite drawing of our family, made by my son some time ago. As I was unable to find an upload option on your blog, I put it on my Flickr site at

    The drawing shows our son (adopted from Ethiopia three years ago), his mother, me (raising my arms – quite accurate as I am an enthusiastic sort of person) as well as our two cats, Ada and Linus (you’ll find TONS of pictures of them on Flickr, by the way). As for the bird, well, I’ve always seen it as a symbol of his brilliant imagination. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, best of luck with the book.


    • Perfect! I’ve edited my post to say exactly what we’re after, you don’t have to be an artist, we’d just like everyone to have a go at doodling a little picture of their family or family member, it doesn’t have to be perfect or a work of art, just have fun! Thank you for your entry and good luck!


  8. Massive congratulations on the book, you deserve it so much and I hope it will be the start of many more exciting developments. Your drawings are so full of life and I love having got to know you and your family vicariously through them. Lots of love


  9. What a damn jollygood idea!


  10. Well that’s spurred me on and I’ve done it. Now all I’ve got to do is work out how to scan the thing and up load it!!


  11. Yipee! Here’s my entry:
    Well done you! It must be so exciting to be published!!


  12. Congratulations with the new book!


  13. I have sent you my picture of my family via your email. I hope that you receive it!


  14. all the best for the book! I have only just discovered you via netmums and I adore your blog and those fab drawings. What an inspiration you are. Now with only about an hour to go tonight do i dare even try to doodle anything?? (especially after always being told how rubbish i am at anything ‘arty’ during childhood!).


  15. Darn it! Didn’t see this in time to enter…just bought your book though, and maybe I can persuade you to do a cheeky doodle in it when we come and get it signed on the 11th of April…;) xxxxx


  16. decided to have a go in the end – turns out despite me being pants at drawing – it proved to be quite therapeutic and fun! Just sent it by email. hope you get it ok. xxx


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