The Dog’s….

No Bonnie, not all doggie bottoms want to be sniffed, especially when attached to owners like this…


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  1. How rude! Of the other dog owner I mean.

  2. Poor Bonnie – she looks so sad. That person is just mean!

  3. Oh! Poor Bonnie! I know the feeling!

  4. What a distasteful man. Bonnie can sniff my dogs’ bottoms if u ever visit SC!

  5. Oh dear – how precious of him! Clearly he doesn’t understand how dogs communicate with one another. I bet Bonnie only wanted to play with her ball 😦

  6. aaawww I bet the dogs wouldn’t have minded 🙂

  7. I have missed a couple of weeks of your delicious slices of life – Somehow the follow mechanism must have gone awry. I was worrying about you, and came searching. Re-follow follows immediately, and I shall play catch-up when chaos goes on holiday from my current days!

  8. I know these situations all too well 🙂
    when I have a walk with my love and her dog there are always 2/3 of the other dog owner who react like this. weird world!

  9. Looks like the Titled Doggies don’t play with the ordinary ones.

  10. He looks Evil! Best to stay away from him anyway, Poor Bonnie… he does however have very cute dogs!

  11. Unreasonable dog owners. It’s usually a sign of their own insecurities!

  12. aw, poor Bonnie!

  13. Horrible huge bloke kicked my dog the other day because she got a bit too close to his horrid agressive little terrier. Nasty people, nasty dogs.

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