Well the votes have been cast in our great doodling competition and it took some time! There were a few squabbles but we have a list of winners and I shall announce them tomorrow!



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  1. How lovely to involve the children! Looking forward to seeing the winner and hope you and the family are loving your new book. Night, night for now.


  2. I was too slow on the draw…. where did the last few days go?


  3. he he ….. looks like one furry child is missing….


  4. Nice to know Arnie was on the panel. 🙂


  5. Just received your book – I love it! It is a good book to cheer me up on a rainy/sad day! Axx


  6. Oh no, I was going to draw something, but I guess I was too slow. 😦


  7. Wow! I didn’t even get to lick my pencil lead. How did I miss the deadline? Am I too old to cry?


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