Competition (Now closed)

Well the competition has now closed and thank you to everyone who took part, it was so lovely to see all your drawings, the kids took some time over each one. We think you deserve a slide show of your own to celebrate the release of my book.

Congratulations to Lillie Kron! You win the signed book. Lillie Kron (WINNER)

Anais Fraiche, Beth Hannis and Kerry Bettles, you all win a signed drawing. Anais Fraiche
Beth Hannis

To everyone who took part, a huge thank you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Happy publication day, Doodlemum! I just ordered a copy of your book for my mum for Mother’s Day. She’s going to absolutely love it!


  2. This was such a fun idea!


  3. Congratulations to the winners. and thanks for the slide show – all great picx


  4. I loved the one with the bird flying overhead. I don’t envy you having to make a choice though. Good luck with the book. I’ve asked for a sample to view it on my Kindle before I decide whether I go for a hard copy or Kindle copy.


  5. What a fun contest idea!
    Our family have all started drawing with the iPad app called Draw Something. We are all absolutely talentless, but still – we get our ideas across!


  6. Fantastic pictures. Your judges had a difficult job. I do like the ones they choose, just sad it was not mine. Better get of down to the book shop and buy myself a copy. Well done everyone.


  7. I have just been bought a copy as a present. 🙂


  8. these are fabulous. Congrats winners and congrats doodlemum on your big book release day! xxx


  9. Splendid entries! Congratulations to all the artists and a special standing ovation to Doodlemum on her new book!


  10. Aww, I missed this one! 😦 In better news, my Flufflepot is back online!! 😀


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