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The sun is shining, in Swansea!

Last wee before bedtime.

Come on Bonnie, got to be done, out you go.
last wee

Sunday afternoon creativity.

Falling asleep amidst a full scale paper aeroplane war is never advisable…

A rare occurrence.

Sometimes bedtime comes too late for busy boys.

If you build it…


Love is…

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Dead spider.

And…..hold that pose Bonnie…
dead spider

Pancake day.

Valentines day comes nowhere near as important as pancake day in our house!
Wear them, drown them in lemon juice, roll them up neatly or just cram as many into your mouth as physically possible.
Oh joy!
pancake day

Half term is here.

A whole week off school!
half term

Sloppy kisses.

I have my romantic film on the television (with tea and biscuits of course). The scene is fast approaching where the hero takes the heroine in his arms and they passionately kiss….to a background noise of groans and shrieks of disgust from my lot.

sloppy kisses

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