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The art of eating chocolate.

To all fellow lovers of chocolate there need be no excuse to indulge in a nibble or three of your favourite chocolates.

Easter Sunday means that Mammy has to step back and silently grind her teeth while her ravenous offspring devour their bodyweight in chocolate.

But they have surpassed themselves this year indeed and have displayed three most distinct ways of snaffling their Easter eggs.

We have the hamster, cram as much into your mouth as physically possible while making horrendous gasps for breath every ten seconds.

easter eggs

Then we have the ambitious all in one technique, doomed to fail as mouth has yet to catch up with ambitious plan.

easter eggs

Finally, the multi handed approach, the most dangerous as this technique can keep going all day and can strip an entire family of its chocolate stash.

easter eggs

Easter cat.

The Easter bunny has left Arnie in charge so there’s no chance of chocolate midnight feasts!

easter cat

Fluffies and the meanie mum.

Yes they are fluffy, yes they are adorable and yes Evie you are super cute in your little teddy bear gillet with your big, enormous pleading eyes BUT…

…the lambs are not coming home with us and I am a meanie.

fluffy lambs



Not sure if I’ll find frozen cavemen but a bag of frozen peas would be nice.


eye eye

Let the cat in…

…would you please, Bonnie?

Easter Bonnets 2013.

The Easter bonnet making frenzy has scaled new heights this year.
Evie has gone fluffy chick crazy and Gruff being Gruff decided he wanted an Easter helmet.

easter helmets and bonnets2013


Shock is a strange thing in kids, I didn’t expect them to be so ill the next day or perhaps just an unhappy coincidence..
Evie and Gruff have spent the best part of the day on the sofa asleep.



Sometimes timing is everything.

I’m glad we were running late, we missed the uninsured, drunk driver that mounted the pavement and obliterated our front wall by minutes, the other driver, unfortunately, did not. (He is in hospital with three broken ribs).

Cutting equipment, lots of fire engines, police and people coming out to look at the smoking car hanging off a mountain of rubble in front of our house.
The what ifs don’t bear thinking about really.
I’m dishing out compulsory hugs today.


All children’s’ sleeves should come with sewn in hankies for the inevitable nose slide up the arm.

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