If no one says anything, no one has to get hurt.

Oh the pain of being the only girl in full Welsh costume in your class on St David’s day.
Rugby shirt next year Millie?
stdavidsday shame

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  1. Oh poor Millie. I hate it when they outgrow their welsh costumes due to peers not size!!


  2. Shame on the rest of the class I say. Happy St David’s Day


  3. Brilliant drawing! Poor Millie….I can feel her fury.


  4. The rest of the class deserve boos and Millie deserves applause and a hug.


  5. Why fit in when you were born to stand out! She will look back on this with pride =)


  6. aawwwww it’s a milestone


  7. Doodlemum Fan

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Welsh costume. Really ab-fab!


  8. “Why be happy when you could be normal?”


  9. Middle sis brought my littlest sis a dirndl dress from Germany. It was adorable. When she wore it to school, the other 7 yr olds made fun of her. Sigh…some things never change.


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