Happy World Book Day!

Do you know who Evie’s favourite character from her favourite book is?

world book day

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  1. The wolf? Refusing to eat Red Riding Hood?


  2. Arnie from your book!


  3. Julie Lindsay

    Received your book yesterday from Amazon love it!:)


  4. Bonnie from Mum’s book?


  5. Ha ha she looks fab! Happy World Book Day to you, too! My copy of your book arrived on Tuesday – I have got it for my Mum for Mother’s Day, but my own daughter would like us to keep it as she loves your world so much. My Mum still lives in South Wales, and we were girl, girl and then little boy, so I am hoping she appreciates the comparisons as I see them. all the best, Ceri x


    • Awww how lovely! I hope your “Mam” enjoys it too. Love that your little girl enjoys it too, does it make her giggle?


      • mam was overjoyed thanks! My 9 year old is obssessed – she is called Lili and thinks she is like your Millie (same hairstyle!) and that her 6 year old sister is like Evie! Have told her not to expect a little brother….! Although when we were expecting Tallulah we did have Gruff as our boy’s name! x


  6. There was me thinking Hairy McLary from Donaldson’s Dairy! Evie, you’re right, that Bonnie is an expert at stealing the show = but my book STILL hasn;t come.


  7. Julia Lambert

    That is so funny. She does look the part. I had my book on my Kindle Fire. It is fab and I read it through in one sitting! My family love catching up with your family too. Hope it is going well. xx


  8. Ah my thought was the Gruffalo


    • Well…..her eyes aren’t yellow and her teeth aren’t black and there aren’t prickles all over her back….and besides…didn’t you know…there is no such thing as a Gruffalo! (sorry couldn’t resist!)


  9. Saw Evie today she looked FAB, as did Tigger!!!


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